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Milan - Rome - Berkeley


We have worked Daniel Peralta for many years using internet connections in order to get in touch with him from here in Italy. The experience have been remarkable and We have appreciated Daniel´s professionalism and outstanding aesthetic sensitivity. 



Andre Straja




Testimonials / Testimonios

JLS Design
California - USA

I have had the pleasure of working with Daniel off and on since the year 2003. Daniel's service and responsiveness to our needs have been nothing short of exemplary. Not only has he always performed in a timely and professional manner, his ability to interpret intricate and complicated details and designs is always a surprise and greatly appreciated.

I have subsequently had several employees and wish that they had Daniel's ability to assimilate the intended architectural detailing and language for a particular project like Daniel.

He knows how to communicate quite clearly. His ability to ask questions at the appropriate time, yet be assertive when necessary makes him a talented team member.

Joel Sherman


New York - USA

It is with pleasure that Iam writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Daniel Peralta, President of mza-architects. We have used their expeditious services for work completed on the Long Island Rail Road terra cotta restoration project. The process work very well for us. We submitted information during the day and by next morning the files were returned to us complete and ready for review. We would then review and submit for responses the next day. This proved to be a very efficient process and the quality of work met or in many cases surpassed our expectations. I highly recommend mza-architects for architectural services including preparation contract documents.


Nicole Hollant-Denis, AlA


GilanFarr + Associates Architecture
Nevada - USA

It is a pleasure for GilanFarr + Associates  to write this letter on his behalf, due to his excellent performance during the years we were working together. Since the first jobs Daniel impressed us as an architect who has a strong will and determination.

Daniel is a very conscientious worker and is a very eager to continue growing and improving his work techniques and design approaches.

We have been working with him and his team by internet since 2000 with very good result and feedback. The communications have been excellent all these years and the jobs got successful goals.  


Finally, in addition to this, he is a curious and motivated architect will certainly be a great contribution to any work team.



Phil Gilan Farr


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